The Finance and Research section was setup for the purpose of establishing and administering the funding model for the financing of institutions in Fiji’s higher education sector. Underlying this broad function, was the need to establish the section to be the hub and facilitator of all higher educational data collection and analysis including any other research deemed important to Fiji’s HE sector.


To have a vibrant, robust, credible, accountable and an equitable funding system to support the Fiji higher education sector, committed to excellence and quality; specifically in the interest of the institutions; students; and Fiji.


Guided by our vision, we will strive to ensure that the section is aligned and well equipped in terms of: plans and strategies; funding; personnel and skills; provision for the enhancement of education, training and development of its staff; equipment; and is robust and creative in its interaction with stakeholders and the many variables impacting on the HE sector.

Key Functions of the Finance and Research Unit

  1. To allocate government funds marked for higher education annually to higher education institutions according to a transparent and well­ publicized criteria for allocation;
  1. Monitor the usage of the government grants for the allocated purposes;
  1. Collect data and determine HE trends in Fiji on productivity, equity, cost and teaching and learning;
  1. Collate data from key industries in Fiji on market demands, required graduate skills, and graduate quality;
  1. Research and identify International Best Practices in higher education for benchmarking, contextualizing and implementing locally.
  1. Collect and analyze Record of Learning (ROL) data.