About Us

The Executive Office provides leadership for the operational and strategic activities of the Fiji Higher Education Commission. It is headed by the Executive Chairman who is assisted by the Director, a Communications Officer and a Strategic Planning Officer.


A higher education sector that meets the nation’s needs for skills,and knowledge and contributes in a significant way to economic, social and environmental sustainability while facilitating labour mobility across the region and internationally.


To provide strategic and operational leadership which ensures the proper administration and management of the functions and affairs of the Commission in accordance with the Commission’s governing legislations and policies.


The Executive Office in providing leadership for the Commission’s secretariat has the following main objectives:

  1. To develop and enhance the culture of the Commission by determining its vision and upholding its values. Further, it will ensure that these values are reflected in the main elements of its organizational culture including its polices, guidelines, procedures, symbols and promotional activities.
  1. To plan for and initiate actions that will support the achievement of the Commission’s eleven (11) mandated functions.
  1. To achieve operational effectiveness based on its mission and through recognition of:

    • The importance of quality assurance in all aspects of leadership, management and operational processes;
    • The place of re-engineering to raise competitiveness and ensure the best use of resources;
    • Change as a measure of life in progress and the need to promote change as a key management function. This is to enable the Commission to respond appropriately to the needs for higher education in Fiji and to be responsive to the global higher education environment;
    • Outsourcing as a way of accessing specialist skills, save management time, improve service quality and provide cost savings;
    • The role of technologies in continuous improvement and productivity;
    • The need to ensure fairness, equity, accountability and transparency in all its activities including financial transactions.
  1. To coordinate the development of the following documents of the Commission:-

    • Strategic Development Plan
    • Annual Business Plan
    • Annual Reports
  1. To raise public awareness of the FHEC, its programs and services and its stand on issues of importance to the community.
  1. To provide a work environment where the staff are fully engaged, motivated, productive, physically healthy and happy.
  1. To ensure that the processes of the Commission and its committees are conducted in an efficient and timely manner.
  1. To provide direction and advice to the Team Leaders of its various sections when needed and work closely with them in the implementation of the Commission’s policies.