About Us

The Quality Assurance office is primarily responsible for quality assurance matters in FHEC as an agency (internal) and Higher Education Institutes (HEI) (external) in Fiji. The quality assurance processes is evidence based approach that ensures goals are being achieved and that policies and practices are under on-going review as part of an overall continuous improvement and quality enhancement. The FHEC is a member of APQN and internal practices are benchmarked to the INQAAHE GGP and APQN criteria. As part of quality development and ensure continuous improvement in service delivery, this section is also responsible for SEA and FBEA initiative using Malcolm Baldrige Framework.


Excellence in quality assurances for FHEC as an agency and Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) for development needs of the society through engagement in dynamic knowledge creation, application, accountability and sustainability.


To ensure that FHEC and HEIs tasks are carried out efficiently, with stability and high quality in accordance with goals and guidelines and a culture of continuous quality improvement is encouraged at all levels.


The Quality Assurance office in providing culture of continuous quality improvement has the following main objectives:

  1. Develop and implement internal quality policy for FHEC and policy guidelines for HEIs.
  1. Planning activity for systematic review process of an educational institution and programs to determine standards of education, scholarship, and infrastructure are met, maintained, enhanced and ensuring that students are offered learning opportunities of an acceptable quality.
  1. To monitor and ensure that performances processes in all aspects of the HEIs functions are appropriate and relevant.
  1. To encourage self-assessment both internally and externally as a tool for process improvement.
  1. Conduct awareness workshop on quality assurance and external evaluation reviews for all recognized and registered HEIs.
  1. Develop guidelines for the External Evaluation and Review (EER) of HEI’s.
  1. Provide support and training on systems, processes, or documentation changes to the staff or HEIs level, as required;
  1. Liaise with Industry Standards Advisor Committees (ISACs) to assure HEC processes for the appointment, training and registration of assessors and moderators, and to ensure the sustainability of HEC assessment and moderation procedures.
  1. Deliver on-going training and ‘refresher’ programmes for assessors and moderator
  1. Contribute to the maintenance of relationships and communications with key stakeholders: industries; professional bodies; relevant sections of Government; employer and employee organizations, and provider institutions, on matters involving quality assurance of standards and qualifications;
  1. Contribute to accreditation & review of qualifications, monitoring of national tests and moderation of assessment outcomes