The Fiji Higher Education has already developed a total of 24 National Qualifications at Level 4 Certificates and 1 National Qualification at Level 2 Certificate.

The National Qualifications are developed by the Industry Standards Advisory Committee (ISACs) on behalf of the FHEC. The ISACs consists of industry stakeholders, professional associations, licensing agencies, Institutions and Government representatives. During the development process, the FHEC invites representatives from respective stakeholders to advise the FHEC on what should be the components of the National Qualifications. The building blocks of these Qualifications are called the Unit Standards which make up the National Qualifications. The standards are developed b y the ISACs. This process ensures that training and assessment meet industry requirement. Each qualification will outline the minimum number of unit standards a learner must achieve.

The tables attached below, has the lists of names who are members of the different ISACs:

ISACS Membership List