Accreditation of a qualification means the recognition that the standard of the programme of study and the way of delivering it, are appropriate to the award.

Higher education institutions are required either to have their qualifications accredited or recorded by the HEC. The self-accrediting (established under its own Act) higher education institutions are required to apply to have their qualifications recorded by the Commission while the non self-accrediting institutions must apply to have their qualifications accredited by the Commission. A separate application must be made for each qualification offered by an institution.

Legislative provisions on the accreditation of qualifications are contained in the Higher Education Promulgation 2008 and the Higher Education (Qualifications) Regulations 2010.

How to Make your Application

An application for accreditation must be submitted electronically. Applicants are advised to type responses on the application form and send an electronic copy either in a CD or via email.

With the application form, applicants must submit the following documents:

  1. Joint partnership agreement
  2. Policy, procedures and guidelines on industrial attachment
  3. Assurance of financial support, for the implementation and sustainable delivery of the qualification
  4. Policy on monitoring, evaluation and review
  5. Policy on Academic Issues
  6. Qualification Document – For this, complete the template entitled Qualification Template for National Certificate or Diploma
  7. Assessment Plan – For this, complete the template entitled Assessment Plan Template

Assessment of the Application

The Programme Evaluator would assess the application and make a recommendation to Accreditation Committee (comprising of 3 members) for the accreditation or otherwise of the qualification. The Committee’s recommendation would be deliberated by the Council and Commission, following which a decision will be made. Subsequently, the applicant will be informed about the outcome of the application.

Processing the Application

The procedure for processing an accreditation application is illustrated in the Accreditation Flowchart.