Recognition means the status awarded to an institution that possesses features of a higher education institution and meets the criteria prescribed in the Higher Education Promulgation 2008

All higher education institutions are required to undergo recognition, qualifying them to operate lawfully in the country. The Higher Education Promulgation 2008 has classified higher education institutions under two categories. These are; Universities including Degree Awarding Institutes of Technology and Other Higher Education Institutions. Part 3 of the Promulgation provides legislative provisions on recognition pertaining to Universities and Degree Awarding Institutes of Technology while Part 4 of the Promulgation contains similar provisions about Other Higher Education Institutions. Further details on recognition (for both categories of institutions) can be obtained from Part 3 of the Higher Education Regulations 2009.

An application for recognition must be –

(a) accompanied with the completed Recognition Application Checklist.
(b) made in writing in the form Application for Recognition.
(c) accompanied with the prescribed Recognition Fees.
(d) accompanied with the following attachments;
(i) Copy of certificate of Registration or other documentation related to legal entity status
(ii) Documents on procedures and policies that relate to academic integrity and honesty
(iii) Information relating to governing body including its relationship to the owners or financial sponsors and its terms of reference and membership
(iv) Organisational chart and an explanation of the relationships and reporting lines among key positions and structure
(v) Documents on student grievance policy and procedure.

How to Make your Application
An application for recognition must be submitted electronically. Applicants are advised to type responses on the MS-Word Version of the application form and send an electronic copy either in a CD or via email.
Note: Please send:
(i) a certified true copy of attachment (i) via mail.
(ii) electronic copies of attachments (ii) – (v).

Assessment of the Application
The Recognition Committee, comprising of 4 members, would assess the application and make a recommendation to the Commission. The Assessor’s Guide provides further information on how the application would be assessed.

Processing the Application
The procedure for processing application is illustrated in the Recognition Flowchart.