Registration refers to the issuing of a certificate of registration to a higher education institution by the Higher Education Commission. All higher education institutions are required to be registered with the Commission, qualifying them to operate lawfully in the country.

The Higher Education Promulgation 2008 has classified higher education institutions under two categories. These are; Universities including Degree Awarding Institutes of Technology and Other Higher Education Institutions. Part 3 of the Promulgation contains legislative provisions on registration pertaining to Universities and Degree Awarding Institutes of Technology while Part 4 of the Promulgation contains similar provisions about Other Higher Education Institutions. Further details on registration (for both categories of institutions) can be obtained from Part 4 of the Higher Education Regulations 2009.

Application for Registration

Prior to submitting the application for registration, institutions should ensure that they have obtained a certificate of recognition from the Commission. This is a primary requirement for registration.

An application for registration must be –

(i)     made in writing in the form Application for Registration.
(ii)     accompanied with the prescribed Registration Fees.
(iii)    accompanied with the following attachments;

(a)      Certificate of Recognition issued by the Commission.
(b)      Business Plan including financial forecasts OR audited annual financial statements where applicable.
(c)      Surety and Guarantees agreement.
(d)      Company registration documents.
(e)      Business registration certificates or other proof of legal status.
(f)      Occupational Health and Safety [OHS] compliance certificates and license.
(g)      Student prospectus, calendar or brochure.
(h)      Enrollment forms, student contracts, fees, rules and regulations.

(iv)     accompanied with the completed Registration Application Checklist.

In addition to the above, OVERSEAS APPLICANTS must also provide the following;

(i)      Documentary evidence to certify that the institution is an agency, branch, centre or campus of an overseas higher   education institution.
(j)      Documentary evidence to certify that the parent institution operates lawfully in its country of origin as a university, degree-awarding institute or any other higher education institution, and is accredited by the appropriate accrediting body.
(k)      Documentary evidence to certify that a qualification awarded in its name will be   fully recognized by its parent institution and by the appropriate authorities in its country of origin subject to applicable regulations.
(l)      Documentary evidence to certify that a student who is awarded the qualifications of the university or degree-awarding institute of technology will be eligible for a seat in the parent institution if he applies to enroll for an appropriate advanced qualification in the parent institution.

How to Make your Application?

An application for registration must be submitted electronically. Applicants are advised to type responses on the MS-Word Version of the application form and send an electronic copy either in a CD or via email.

Note: Please send:

(i) certified true copies of attachments ((a) – (f) via mail.
(ii) electronic copies of attachments (g) - (l).

Assessment of the Application

The Registration Committee, comprising of 4 members, would assess the application and make a recommendation to the Commission. The Assessor’s Guide provides further information on how the application would be assessed.

The assessment of the application would also involve a site visit to the institution. The applicants should ensure that all relevant information and documentation are available for verification by the assessors, the details of which are contained in the Site Visit Checklist.

Application for Conversion of Registration

An institution that has been granted provisional registration, must, within the specified time frame submit an application to convert the provisional application to a full registration (referred to as registration).

An application for a conversion of registration must be made on the form Application for Conversion of Registration and must be accompanied with the prescribed Conversion of Registration Fees.

Processing the Application

The procedures for processing registration and conversion of registration applications are illustrated in the Registration Flowchart and Conversion of Registration Flowchart.