About Us

Our Vision: ‘Building together an educated and globally competitive Fiji’.

Our Mission: ‘To quality assure the delivery of higher education that meets the needs of our stakeholders’.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) is the government-mandated regulatory and quality assurance body for higher education in the country.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) oversees the development and improvement of higher education in Fiji with the aim of ensuring that learners have the best possible opportunity to gain relevant qualifications required to support and sustain Fiji’s economic and social prosperity.

The HEC regulates the registration and operation of all higher education (HE) institutions, ensuring they meet quality standards and guidelines that reflect national and international imperatives. It is also responsible for establishing and maintaining the Fiji National Qualifications Framework which enables Fijian qualifications to be measured both in Fiji and internationally.

The HEC was established as a statutory body in 2010 under the Higher Education Act 2008. Under the Act, Higher Education refers to all post-secondary school learning opportunities in Fiji.

Our Values

  1. We value a commitment to excellence in higher education and training.
  2. We value a commitment to Exceptional services when aiding our stakeholders.
  3. We value Integrity and Transparency.
  4. We value Innovation and Responsiveness for continued relevance.
  5. We value Lifelong learning for learners.
  6. We value a commitment to our people and their contribution (internal).

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