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Industry Standards Advisory Committees

The Industry Standards Advisory Committees (ISACs) comprise individuals with professional standing and experience in their various trades and professions who are appointed by the HEC to develop National Qualifications (NQs) in Levels 1 – 6 on the Fiji National Qualifications Framework (FNQF). Membership is drawn from industry, professional associations, accrediting agencies and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

ISAC members are trained and registered by the HEC and they ensure that training and assessment meet industry requirements and that each qualification outlines the minimum number of unit standards a learner must achieve in any particular field. Historically, all learners undertaking NQs were assessed by registered assessors who were regulated by the HEC. Due to progressive developments of the Fiji Higher Education Improvement Programme (FHEIP), the policy framework for assessment and moderation will be affected.

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