The Review Committee

Section 9 of the Higher Education Act 2008 (“the Act”) sets out the establishment and the composition of the Review Committee. Accordingly, the Review Committee shall conduct the review of the operation of existing and new higher education institutions according to the criteria and guidelines set out by the Commission. Moreover, part 5 of the Higher Education Regulations 2009 (“Regulations”) sets out further provisions on the jurisdiction and functions of the Review Committee and the review of “institutions registered with the Commission” as stated in regulations 36 (1) of Regulations.

The Review Committee shall consist of four members appointed by the Commission. The Commission also must consider whether the members of the Review Committee have qualifications listed under regulation 37 (1)(2) of the Regulations.

The Review Committee shall elect its chairperson from amongst the committee members. [reg.37 (3) Regulations]. The Review Committee shall not include current members of the Commission, or a committee established by it under section 8 of the Act [s. 9(1) of the Act].

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