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The Secretariat of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) is responsible for delivering on the strategy and direction provided by the Commission. It is in-line with this responsibility that the Secretariat makes recommendations to the Commission on matters pertaining to the Higher Education sector for endorsement. The Director of the HEC Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the HEC and reports to the Commission. Currently, the HEC Secretariat comprises of two teams and has a total of 32 staff.

AllOperations and Quality AssuranceCorporate Services

Dr Rohit Kishore


Paul Singh

IT Manager

Lakshika Fernando

Legal Officer

Krishnesh Prakash

Senior HR Coordinator

Nilesh Maharaj

Senior Accountant

Frentina Andrea

Records & Policy Manager

Angeline Lal

Professional Officer - Programme Accreditation

Ani Lacanivalu

Compliance Officer - Programme Accreditation

Reshika V. Kumar

Professional Officer - National Qualifications Implementation

Pita R. Waqawai

Professional Officer - National Qualifications Implementation

Vilimaina B. S. Waqanokonoko

Professional Officer - National Qualifications Implementation

Leba Halofaki

Professional Officer - National Qualifications Development

Epineri V. Rawalai

Communications Officer

Paula Tuilagivou

Programme Officer - Planning and Reporting

Karalaini Koroi

Quality Assurance Analyst - External

Ashana Ashika

Programme Officer - Fiji Qualifications Council

Saleshni S. Singh

Compliance Officer

Alimi N. Korovulavula

Recognition & Registration Officer

Shayal J. Sund

Policy Analyst - Equity

Ajivika A. Prakash

Policy Analyst - Funding

Mere K. Vunuqa

IT Support Officer

Asitosh Prakash

Assistant Accountant

Merewalesi V. S. Ledua

Programme Assistant - Programme Accreditation

Selina Baleicakau

Registry Clerk

Mabel L. Velia

Office Administrator

Luke Qionibaravi

Facilities & Administration Officer

Adi Vika Lalaciwa


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