FHEC Develops Meat Processing National Qualifications

Latest News FHEC Develops Meat Processing National Qualifications
FHEC Develops Meat Processing National Qualifications

Meat Processing qualifications will be made available to pursue in the near future upon the completion of three new National Qualifications (NQs) that are currently being developed. The Fiji Higher Education Commission (FHEC) is working closely with Meat Industry Stakeholders for the development of the Certificate Level II in Meat Processing (Abattoir) and National Certificate II and III in Meat Processing (Butcher).

The focus of the development of the NQs begins from the abattoir and then to the butcher and retail. The NQs will assist efforts to supply the meat industry with qualified workers with the relevant skills and knowledge and to uplift the standards of the meat processing operations in Fiji.

Currently, no institution in Fiji is offering any trade-related meat works qualification. Organisations in Fiji have been conducting their own in-house training and engaging international trainers to up-skill their workers.

PICTURED: The Industry Standard Advisory Committee (ISAC) for Meat Works NQs during their meeting at the FHEC last Friday(10/07/20).

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