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Fiji ratified the Asia-Pacific Regional Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education (2011) on Wednesday 19 February 2020. As a signatory of the regional convention, the main goal of Fiji’s NIC is to be a one-stop-shop for higher education information in Fiji. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) oversees it. The NIC acts as a focal point for the dissemination of information and provision of advice to both local and international students on higher education opportunities in Fiji, higher education institutions (HEIs), programmes and courses available, and other relevant information falling under its ambit.

Fiji’s National Information Centre inter alia therefore:

  1. captures education traditions, systems, and values of Fiji,
  2. provides information on quality assurance and accreditation, and qualifications framework, and
  3. guides both local and international students on higher education opportunities in Fiji.

Information available on the platform:

  1. Description of the Fijian Education System
  2. Detailed Description of the Fijian Higher Education System
  3. Quality Assurance Systems for Higher Education Institutions as well as Accreditation and Programmes
  4. The Framework for organising Higher Education Qualifications
  5. Procedures for the Recognition of Foreign Qualifications

The Fijian Education System

Section 31 [Chapter 2 – Bill of Rights] of the Constitution of the Republic of Fiji, 2013 enshrines the right to education:

s(13)(1) Every person has the right to

(a) early childhood education;

(b) primary and secondary education; and

(c) further education.

The Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts is responsible for building a knowledge-based society by ensuring that Fiji’s young people have equitable access to high-quality education at all levels.

The Fijian education system is broadly structured into:

  1. School Education (ECCE, Primary, and Secondary Schools), and
  2. Technical and Vocational Education and Training, and Higher Education.


Quality Assurance and Accreditation

An overview of the quality assurance mechanisms in place and the national education bodies that are involved with higher education along with a brief statement about the role of the national education body…

Fiji National Qualifications Framework

The Fiji Qualifications Council (FQC) is responsible for the management of the Fiji National Qualifications Framework (FNQF). This was introduced in 2011 for describing and classifying Fiji’s quality assured qualifications, from senior…

HEIs and Scope of Services

Last updated: 11:57:47 24/10/2022

Please kindly note that the list of qualifications provided in the NIC Engine above are those that have been submitted to the Higher Education Commission in accordance with Regulation 29 of the Higher Education Regulations 2009. While this list may not be complete, visitors are advised to refer to the institutions’ website for a list of all programmes and qualifications. In the near future, only qualifications that are registered on the Fiji National Qualifications Framework will be listed on the NIC. Any qualification that is neither recorded nor accredited in accordance with Regulation 15 of the Higher Education (Qualifications) Regulations 2010, will not be listed on the NIC. It must also be noted that listed qualifications and programmes on the NIC does not necessarily mean that the Tertiary Scholarships and Loans Service (TSLS) will fund these. Please check with TSLS regarding the funding of programmes and qualifications. 

The Fijian Higher Education at a Glance

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on the FNQF

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