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Higher Education

Higher education in Fiji comprises public, private, and regionally-owned universities and other non-university higher education providers. It plays a crucial role in providing learners with the skills that the 21st-century workforce requires, delivers world-class research and development, and has substantial international connections.

Higher education institutions are required by law to be recognised by and be registered with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) if they are conferring awards which range from certificates to degrees.  This translates to Fiji National Qualifications Framework (FNQF) Levels 1 – 10. HEC is mandated to regulate, develop and promote the Higher Education sector in accordance with its eleven mandated functions. This includes regulating higher education institutions’ operations and the programmes they offer to ensure the delivery of high-quality programmes and their resulting qualifications.

Universities in Fiji deliver degree, postgraduate and doctoral qualifications. Most are well-recognized internationally, have strong international connections, and collaborate with universities in other countries on a range of research and teaching programmes. Fiji has one university in the overall Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The highest-ranking university in Fiji is the University of the South Pacific, ranked at number 1001–1200.

The Higher Education Commission provides extensive information on higher education.

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